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X Invisible Universe


From 12 Sept to 2 Oct at the former church St Carpoforo. Via Marco Formentini 12, Milan. Mon-Fri 09.30-18.30, Sat 10.00-13.00. From 14 to 27 Oct at Villa Confalonieri. Via Garibaldi, Merate (Milan). Mon-Fri 09.30-13.00, 15.00-18.30, Sat 10.00-12.30, 15.00


www.brera.inaf.it, www.ac...


from 12.09 to 27.10.2012

X Invisible Universe

12 September-2 October, 14-27 October 2012. To celebrate the 500th anniversary from the birth of X-Ray Astronomy and of the 250th anniversary from its foundation, the INAF Foundation-Astronomic Observatory of Brera presents this exhibition, entitled X Invisible Universe-A Path between Astronomy and Art, which offers a reflection on important contemporary cultural and scientific topics.

On display are 50 works by young artists from the Fine Arts Academy of Brera, who have been inspired by a series of scientific lessons on the theme of light in its diverse wavelengths. Their works, made by using new media and traditional languages, will be juxtaposed to numerous scale models of satellites and special observers.

On this occasion art and science will intertwine around the theme of light and high energies, a special sector of astronomic investigation which is in constant development. This project illustrates the capability of X-ray technologies as well as artistic means of seeing the invisible.

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