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What's on in Milan

Heavy Metal by KayOne


Grattacielo Pirelli. Via Fabio Filzi 22, Milan. Mon-Sun 11.00-19.00.


from 20.09 to 14.10.2012

Heavy Metal by KayOne

20 September-14 October 2012. Grattacielo Pirelli displays a series of canvases by the famous Milanese graffiti artist Marco Mantovani, nicknamed KayOne. The cross-influences between different genres is the leitmotif of this exhibition, entitled Heavy Metal.

On KayOne’s canvases the graffiti technique is mixed with studs and metals, which underline the urban origin of Street Art, Hip Hop and other contemporary street phenomena.

Since 1988 KayOne has moved closer to the world of graffiti, fascinated by the strength and visual impact of street writing and Hip Hop. Inspired by the writing school of New York from the 1970s, KayOne has been among the few writing pioneers in Italy. In 1991 he founded, along with Airone and Adstar, the first Italian Hip Hop Tribe Magazine. In the Milan subways KayOne exercised his calligraphy by modifying and personalizing his tag. He later transposed his street writings on informal canvases with the high visual impact.

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